WIMS2 Membership Program

By joining WIMS2, a company gains additional research horsepower including access to world-class university faculty and facilities. Another benefit is technology transfer, which involves both patents and traditional IP as well as the intellectual knowledge of how to fabricate, test, and use the devices. Technology transfer also takes the form of participation in center research reviews, seminars, publications, thesis defenses, newsletters, and reports. In addition, members have early access to center IP plus the ability to use it royalty free for internal use. A dedicated industrial outreach officer insures that center members have facilitated access to faculty, staff, and students. In the case of students, repeated access and faculty referrals can be a valuable recruiting tool. Members have access to center staff for projects and can obtain office space and discounted fees in the university micro/nanofabrication facility. Center members can sponsor targeted research projects specifically designed for your companies needs. These projects can take advantage of existing center research and provide a significant value to center members.

Benefits Summary

Technology Transfer

  • Reports, publications, IP, engineering "know how"

Early Access to Center IP

  • Early notification
  • Internal royalty free license

Access to Students and Faculty

  • Dedicated Industrial Outreach Officer
  • Facilitated access to seminars
  • Facilitated access to recruiting events

Sponsored Research

  • Targeted to your needs

WIMS2 Associate membership available to small companies and non-profits.

For more information, contact:
Larry Tuttle
Industrial Liaison
1301 Beal Ave., Room 2214, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2122
Phone: (734) 615-2325
Email: lwtuttle@umich.edu