Biomedical Sensors and Subsystems

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Ultrasonic Microresonators for Neuron Stimulation
Rahman Sabahi-Kaviani and Nikos Chronis

Neuron stimulation is recognized as a therapeutic tool for managing numerous neurological and psychiatric diseases. Different techniques for neuron stimulation have been suggested such as electrical, optical (optogenetics) and pharmaceutical methods. In addition to the current techniques, ultrasound can be a powerful neurostimulation tool. Its ability to interact with biological tissues, in addition to the fact that it transmits noninvasively through skull bones and other biological structures makes it a useful tool for neuronal excitation. The long-term goal of the proposed research is to develop novel, implantable, MEMS-based devices that can stimulate neurons using ultrasound waves. The proposed micro devices are miniaturized resonators that are injected into brain tissue. Excited at their resonance mode, they make physical contact with the neurons and exert mechanical force on them and therefore activating them.

Updated 04/02/2012