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Environmental Sensors and Subsystems

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A Scalable, Modular, Multi-Stage, Peristaltic, Electrostatic Gas Micro-Pump
Ali Besharatian, Karthik Kumar, Rebecca L. Peterson, Luis P. Bernal, and Khalil Najafi

A Microscale Gas Chromatograph for High-Speed Determinations of Explosive Marker Compounds
Gustavo Serrano, Lindsay Amos, Hungwei Chang, Will Collin, Nicolas Nuñovero, and Edward T. Zellers

Multi-Transducer Arrays Using Nanoparticle Interface Layers for Vapor Discrimination
Lindsay K. Wright, Kee Scholten, and Edward T. Zellers

Kinetic Factors Affecting the Design and Performance of Micropreconcentrators for µGC
Thitiporn Sukaew and Edward T. Zellers

Micro OptoFluidic Ring Resonators for Micro Gas-Chromatograph Detectors
Kee Scholten, Xudong Fan, and Edward T. Zellers

Multivariate Curve Resolution of Co-Eluting Peaks Measured with Microsensor Array Detectors in Micro-Scale Gas Chromatographs
Sun Kyu Kim and Edward T. Zellers

On Column Optical Vapor Sensors in Micro-GC Development
Maung Kyaw Khaing Oo, Karthik Reddy, Jing Liu, and Xudong (Sherman) Fan

Adaptive Two-Dimensional Microgas Chromatography
Jing Liu and Xudong "Sherman" Fan

Microfabricated Passive Preconcentrator/Injector for a µGC (µPPI)
Jung Hwan Seo, Jing Liu, Xudong Fan, and Katsuo Kurabayashi

Adaptation of a Microscale GC for VOC Determinations of Biomarkers of Exposure/Disease in Breath and Saliva
Jonathan Bryant-Genevier, Sun Kyu Kim, Nicholas Eddy, and Edward T. Zellers

Comprehensive 2-D Gas Chromatography (GC×GC) using a MEMS Thermal Modulator
Dibyadeep Paul, Gustavo Serrano, Sung Jin Kim, Will Collin, Ken D. Wise, Edward T. Zellers, and Katsuo Kurabayashi

Microdischarge-Based Radiation Detectors Utilizing Stacked Electrode Arrays in a TO-5 Package
Christine K. Eun and Yogesh B. Gianchandani

Effects of Flow Rate and Temperature on MPN-coated Chemiresistor-Array Micro-GC Detectors for Explosive Marker Compounds
Lindsay K. Wright and Edward T. Zellers

Inexpensive Portable Sensors Based on Analyte-Triggered Gel Formation
Jing Chen, Yash J. Adhia, and Anne J. McNeil