Tal Nagourney PhD Student

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Tal received his B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2010 where he worked with Professor Lynn Fuller on Team Galt developing microsystems. He then performed research in Israel for six months at Bright Source Energy, a utility-scale solar thermal energy company. In 2012, Tal received his M.Eng. from Cornell University under the guidance of Professor Amit Lal. He pursuing his Ph.D. under Professor Khalil Najafi at the University of Michigan where he is currently working to improve the performance of the birdbath resonator gyroscope (BRG) through improved fabrication processes.

Departmental Affiliation: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Advisor: Najafi
Start Date: Sep 2013
Email Address: taln AT umich.edu

Research Thrusts

Advanced Materials, Processes, and Packaging
Advanced Materials, Processes, and Packaging